The center of spiritual development, in which you will know different ways to know yourself, the world, the All-world

Tse expanse, in which people are aware of “MI” and aware of their “I”.

Here, you can recognize the unknown parts of yourself, connect them in one whole and consider yourself a part of the Greater. 

In the meantime, in order to carry the sights far into the world, live, work and create, making yourself feel more important and important, and bring with you a new message for the soul.


The ones you can learn...


YOGA individual practice

The way to the full body and vminnya manage the power of the state and the camp. Individual yoga, yoga in pairs, pair yoga.


Tse way, passing through the yak, you take deep and svіdomy dosvіd vzaєmodії zі svіtom. The whole way of integrity ...


In the meantime, treat body and energy, transform symptoms and hide the health of the body and special features.

TANTRA guys, contact practices

Tantra - a path to development through contact with a partner. Vminnya bachiti and vіdchuvati such a person, as she is out there, do not ruin yourself.

VATIONION is a dihal practice

Tse practices, like going through all your specialty and going beyond the boundaries - beyond the boundaries of knowing about yourself.

SHAMANSKI PRACTICE energy practices

Shamanic practices help you to see the inter-widows, to know the spirits of the earth and the sky, and to become one with them.

All practices are adapted to the needs of modern people and are suitable for people with any level of physical training

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Yoga online

A practice that expands consciousness and takes it to a new level, and helps you consciously manage your body... and life.

Tarot course

Online practical course
Start on December 20, 2022

Retreat is the place where children get bogged down in the process of knowing themselves and know themselves so deeply, as if only possible.


23 - 29 spring 2022

About the center "Universum"

Our center is engaged in spiritual development. Vіdmіnіst іnіt іt's riches іnshih іn thаt wіll bring а spirituality іn thе splendid lives.

Our mission is to help people find their way to their senses and reach their own way. We do not give the correct opinions and common truths, but we give the tools to help you to understand yourself on all levels of the butt.

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