Sacred Yoga

The 7-step system of human development, which consistently develops awareness, integrity and the ability to constructively influence the world...

What is Sacral Yoga?

It's more than just asanas, it's tantra and breathing, interaction and pacification, it's meditation and self-awareness, it's density and creativity. 

Ivan Petkanych, the founder of the direction, tells more about what Sacral Yoga is

Yoga was invented thousands of years ago, but most of the practices and asanas remain unchanged and people try to grasp them without thinking too much about why yoga was actually invented.

We see yoga as a comprehensive practice for achieving wholeness between body, mind and heart. A practice that simultaneously helps you to know and strengthen your body, to become aware of your feelings and learn to manage them, and to bring your mind into a state in which it can see more and learn about the world...

Renunciation, the ability to bear pain, extreme flexibility and steadfastness are nothing more than attributes that have nothing to do with true mindful practice…

Sacred yoga is the initial yoga. Yoga, which takes consciousness to a new level and allows you to consciously manage your body...and life

7 stages of human development

I degree

Hatha yoga, static yoga

This is work with sensations, structure and geometry of the body. At this stage, you get to know your body in its various positions - asanas, consciously activate various muscle groups, which leads to natural healing and balance between all parts of the body. You train the skills of conscious presence in the body, learn the possibilities and needs of the body, and as a result, you become more confident and start to "be present" in everything you do.

II degree

Energy yoga

This is work with energy flows and the etheric body of a person, filling the physical body with energy. At this stage, you learn to breathe consciously and connect your body sensations with your feelings and experiences. Learn to manage your heart's anxieties and find peace by putting your mind into flow mode. Active and complex work with body blocks and release from them also takes place at this stage; the feeling of oneself in space comes.

III degree

Dynamic yoga

This is work with consciousness, body and energy in a dynamic mode. We teach our consciousness to be "here and now" in every moment of time and then we become the very flow of time, in which thousands of asanas are born every second. Consciousness expands, the perception of space changes and a feeling of freedom comes... At this stage comes a feeling of oneself in the flow of time.

IV degree

Contact yoga with a partner
(couple yoga, couple yoga) 

This is work with consciousness, body and energy in contact with another person. At this stage, we learn to keep a sense of ourselves in contact with our partner, to trust and open up to him, to lean on, but at the same time to feel our inner point of support. We interact with the phenomena that arise in pairs - between you and another person, between you and the world. At this stage, the feeling of another person comes, empathy develops, the ability to see oneself through the eyes of another.

V degree


This is a deep contact between two people in the space of which something new is born, which is not available to each individual.
In tantric contact, two polarities meet - male and female, earth and sky... and between them there is a synergy and a desire for development. Tantra is a way through which you get to know another person and the world, and thereby become closer to yourself. In this stage, the experience of feeling the contact of souls appears.

VI degree

Shamanism and magic

This is working with field structures and space, and influencing them.
This requires the ability to be in continuous contact with the world, subtly manage oneself and one's states, and a high level of awareness. At this stage, we learn to tune in with the Earth and the Sky, to align connections both within ourselves and in the space around us, to direct energy flows in a certain direction, to heal.

VII degree

Guide of the Higher Sense

When you feel yourself and can manage yourself, when you feel others and can influence them, can balance and harmonize the space inside and around you, a state comes in which you are the Guide of higher senses in earthly life. You become a changer. You can't help but change the world for the better, because it's natural. You become the Hand of God in the world of people.

Author's development


and the Universum Center

This development system is unique and tested on many people.

We do not deny the traditions that exist, but we help people find their way, and not blindly follow the dogmas and rules of traditions. To deeply feel oneself and to give the opportunity to follow the path of the greatest knowledge and development - this is our goal...

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