2 months - 20 lessons
September, 24
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Meditation is a kind of magic! Your own transformation at all levels - from mind to soul

We will help you discover a new world in which you will become the master of your life and learn to influence the space around you.

We are waiting for you

Types of Meditations

Structure meditation

Practices that develop the plasticity of consciousness and build your inner structure.

Energy Meditations

Expand perception and teach to feel and direct energy 

Social Meditations

They help to change the state, as well as work with goals and desires. 

Spiritual Meditations

They give you the opportunity to feel the beyond - the soul, the Universe, the Greater ...

What will you learn?

Regulate your STATE in different ways in any life situations
Maintain a state of inner CALM, regardless of what is happening around
CONCENTRATE, collect and act when necessary, and totally RELAX and reload
TRUST the space, the people, yourself, while maintaining a sense of security
Keep concentration on one object, goal for as long as necessary
Build RELATIONSHIPS with other people and with the world on a qualitatively different level
Deal with emotions, FEELINGS, anxiety and internal anxiety
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Get rid of the feeling of loneliness and become free
Find new MEANINGS even when everything seems meaningless

In the course program

Why meditation is needed and how to meditate

Working with focus

Concentration and deconcentration of attention

How to use meditation in everyday life

Contemplation of self, others and space

Meditation as the development of awareness

Meditation as prayer and connection with the beyond

Association and dissociation - development of consciousness

Meditations in dynamics

Sound meditations (mantras, sound vibrations)

Trance Meditations

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“Meditation is inseparable from life. It is needed in order to maintain integrity while continuing to live. Stopping, calming down, relaxing or switching attention is just a side effect of meditation. But its main goal is integrity.
It is integrity that gives pure perception, pure consciousness.
(c) Ivan Petkanich

Course Structure

Basic Occupations

1,5 hours per week on Saturdays
(important to be online)

Practical exercises

30 minutes a week
(can be seen in recording)

September 24 11.00-12.30

October 1 11.00-12.30

October 8 11.00-12.30

October 15 11.00-12.30

October 22 11.00-12.30

October 29 11.00-12.30 and 18.00-19.30

November 5 11.00-12.30

November 12 11.00-12.30

19 November 11.00-12.30

Schedule practical Occupation
agreed with the group

Why people choose us?


Your thoughts, feelings, sensations and experiences are your fulcrum. We do not fight with anything, we do not refuse anything, we do not throw anything away. We add to this what is missing.


We work at all levels of human consciousness: mind, body, feelings and emotions, soul. It gives a certain depth and transformation to your personality.


We maximize bringing meditation to lifewhich is filled with events and people. Therefore, we have a lot of practice on the course and there are homework assignments that will help you integrate theory into life.


Efficiency such training is many times higher, since you will not be tied to a special place and time, but you will be able to meditate at home, at work, on the street, while communicating with other people.


Мы rebuilding and strengthening ties between thoughts, feelings, body and soul, bringing you closer to integrity as a person. We are restoring connections between you as a person and the world around: earth, sky, energy, humanity as a whole.


We show how it is to be subjective and to be the master of your life. We teach you to manage your internal processes and influence your environment and your life. At the same time, we teach to trust the space and let the beyond into our lives.


Complete course

The cost of the course if paid after 24.08

Complete course

for Ukrainians (price is indicated in UAH)

Your participation is guaranteed by 100% payment

Since the cycle is built in such a way that each subsequent lesson builds on the previous one, the possibility of selective attendance of individual classes is not provided.

The creator of the spiritual development system Sacral Yoga, the founder of the UNIVERSUM center, where he regularly teaches author's courses, trainings and practices, which allowed more than 1000 people to change their lives, a master of Sacred Tantra.

For more than 10 years she has been working with people in a spiritual and psychotherapeutic way. During this time, he held about 3000 diverse events.

Gained enough spiritual experience to not belong to any of the traditions. It connects the past with the future and takes it beyond the rational in the present.
Ivan Petkanych

Online classes conducted by the leading trainers of the UNIVERSUM center

Svetlana Mamaeva

Practicing yoga since 2010, conducting spiritual practices and meditations since 2013.
Instructor of sacred hatha yoga, dynamic yoga, meditation and tantric practices, author and presenter of training courses on yoga, tantra, yoga therapy and the development of intuition.
Training with Ivan Petkanich since 2010.          

Alla Dziuba

Practicing yoga since 2008, teaching since 2012. Experienced instructor of hatha yoga and pair yoga. Author and presenter of traveling seminars on yoga in Ukraine and India, training programs on Tantra. Leading tantric practices, women's practices. Extensive experience in conducting individual and corporate lessons.

Registration for the course

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