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At the core of the center's activity is the 7-step system of human development "Sacral Yoga", which leads to fast, effective, but at the same time ecological spiritual and personal development.

Spirituality is the ability to perceive and contemplate in order to move, create and do and influence so that there is something valuable to contemplate and perceive.

Spirituality is the initial, undeniable, a priori perception of oneself and others as part of something greater. And it doesn't matter which one is more - family, kindred, humanity, earth, nature, sky, God, universe.

Spirituality is the ability to feel "WE" without losing your "I".

Spirituality is the ability to perceive the wholeness of the world in unity and diversity together with the ability to move, create and influence following the energy of contact. It is the acceptance of another, his needs, feelings and thoughts along with the acceptance of one's own desires, feelings and passions.

It is the acceptance of passions, competition, the beauty of struggle along with the pacification of being, contemplation and non-inclusion.
It is the acceptance of this both in oneself and in others…



This is the space in which the feeling of "WE" is born and the awareness of the limits of one's "I". 

This is a place where you can get to know unexplored parts of yourself, connect parts of yourself, connect them into a single whole and feel yourself a part of the Greater.

In order to carry this feeling further into the world, to live, do and create, leaving behind something significant and important, and carrying with it a new experience for the soul.


To provide you, on the one hand, with specific tools for learning about yourself and the world around you, and on the other hand, with the experience of interacting with the beyond, with something Greater without being tied to specific religions or philosophical currents.

Each of us has a big rich inner world and there is a world around, to which we give something and from which we take something. Everyone has a past in which most of the problems that exist now originate. Everyone has a future, in which there are dreams and goals, and they make a person move. And each person is dependent on these parts. She rushes between the past and the future, flees from herself into the inner world and back. They tear the person apart and confusion begins. She is like a fly in a web. And her life goes from the moment of complete clarity, when she clearly knows what she wants, to the moment when she does not understand anything at all. The pendulum swings from "I know everything" to "I know nothing." Where is the truth? No, she is not in the middle. The truth lies beyond the pendulum. And in order to see something beyond that pendulum, there is something called spirituality. Spirituality is the ability to "detach" from one's parts and look at life from the outside. Spirituality is the ability to contact something higher, of which we are a part. Spirituality does not exist for a person to run away from life. Spirituality exists in order for a person to look at his life a little from the outside.


The founder of the 7-step system "Sacral Yoga" and the philosophy "Golden Path", and the center of spiritual development "Universum"

- spiritual teacher, psychotherapist, philosopher
- the creator and guide of the Golden Path and the system of human development Sacral Yoga
- leader of breathing, energy, transpersonal practices
- master of Sacred Tantra,
- the author of more than 3000 unique intensives, seminars, trainings, lectures, master classes, training courses
- founder of the Center for Spiritual Development "UNIVERSUM"
- the author of the Transsystem Approach and the founder of the training center "TSD training"

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